1. Find your partners

To initiate a project like Stockholm Open there are a couple of basic cornerstones that need to be in place in order to make the process manageable for all stakeholders. Conditions also vary depending on where you are from, but bellow is an example of our way forward: 

  1. The first thing we did was to decide on the scale of the project. Factors to consider here are things such as the number of available agencies during the summer job period, how much time we have for preparations and the number of school from which we could recruit student coaches.
  2. Due to the fact that the project was run in close collaboration with the city of Stockholm we needed to create and register the correct organisation form. So we registered as a non-profit organisation in order to become an credible collaborator of the city. 
  3. After having been officially registered as an organisation the next step was to sign a partnership agreement to settle responsibilities and a code of conduct.
  4. With the partnership agreement set it was time to approach the agencies. We formed a letter explaining our ambitions and clearly stated what their involvement required, but more importantly how they could benefit from it. 
  5. Having secured the participation of our partner agencies next up to contact was the communications schools in the city. The schools were targeted due to the fact that they are the main gateway into the industry, and this is where the change needs to start. By involving the School we also secured the possibility to provide scholarships to the most talented people that we were set to come across along the process. This was also a way to lower the barriers for some in our target group as many of the school require students to pay a fee. Third, we wanted to engage students from each of the communications schools so that they could assits the agencies during the summer job period. This would also be a chance for the to network with what might become their future employers.

    With all basic stakeholder identified it was now time to get everyone to sign up.