7. Follow up

The city council made a survey for us to send to the teenagers for the evaluation. They have multiple projects and work places, and they evaluate everyone of them. Ask if your city council has the same. Then you and the city have the same ground data to work with. This was sent out to the mentors the lasts days of the project, which contained a link to the digital formulary, to make sure as many as possible filled out the questionnaire.

We made our own evaluation for the agency mentors and student coaches. We wanted an easy and quick formulary and used Google Form. We sent this a month after the end of the project. This was mainly because of vacations, which are common during July and beginning of August in Sweden.



Berghs School of Communication, that generously helped us with venues for the first day and the two day presentations, proved to be even more generous when they announced the wanted to give scholarships to some of the future talents of advertising. With the help of the student coaches and agency mentors we located the top five most interested and interesting kids, to whom we offered the scholarship. The scolarship gave them the opportunity to attend an introduction course of advertising at Berghs. This gave the project momentum, with two of the scholars starting the course in August, just a month after the project wrapped.


• Centralised flow of information

• Press and PR - create a hashtag

• Information to the parents

• Can everyone find their way and how do they get there?

• Gender identity to make equal teams