4. Time for everyone to meet

Now you need to setup start-up meetings with each team at the agency where the group is going to work for the summer. We used the digital scheduling service Doodle to make this process as simple and smooth as possible.

Step 1:

Contact the agency mentor and let them get back to you with two dates and times when they will be available to host a start-up meeting at their agency.

Step 2:

Create a Doodle with the two alternative dates and times for the start-up meeting and add the email addresses for everybody in the team - a link to answer this doodle is now sent to their mailbox.

Step 3:

Once you have gotten an answer from all members of the team you can see which alternative is the most popular - and send a confirmation to the team with the final date.

The purpose of the start-up meeting is to get the team members to meet up before the actual summer job period and get to know each other, look around the workplace and to have a talk about the project in general. Some teenagers were also not used to travel to the city, and had a hard time finding their way to the first meeting at the agency.

Note: Our first main task for the student coaches was to take leadership over the start-up meeting. All the agency mentors had to do was to book a room for the meeting. The coach was given a pdf with information about the project that they were supposed to present to the kids. The pdf included expectations and responsibilities that comes along with a summer job like this.

A last reminder

A week before Stockholm Open started we sent a text to all the teens that had signed up to work. In the text we invited them to their first day of work with a kick-off at Berghs School of Communication.

To all student coaches and agency mentors we sent out an email with a ”Stockholm Open start-up kit”, contact information to all members in their team and a time sheet paper for them to fill out. In this email we also invited them to the kick-of at Berghs School of Communications.


Start up kit

We wanted to make everything as easy as possible for the student coach and agency mentor, so we created a start kit for them to use during the first day/week. It included an overview of the advertising industry, with explanations of titles and other things one might see or experience during your time at an ad agency.

The brief(s)

The briefs which the groups where to work with all came directly from the districts, they where the ones responsible to sit down and go over what type of existing challenge they wanted the teenagers to solve and present in a create way. Once the councils had presented the problem we at Stockholm Open looked over the brief and altered them to made sure that was written in a way that is was not to complex but still stimulating and fun to solve.

The sooner you get the briefs ready the better. We go the finals drafts of the briefs ready just a couple of days before the actual summer job started and emailed them to the agency mentors and student - and it is not to recommend. Be smart about it and upload the briefs to your site instead!