6. Presentations

We wanted this project to feel as close to the “real” world as possible and made sure that the presentations were as close as it could be to a pitch.

All teams presented their ideas for the client: representatives from Stockholm Stad that worked with the teams particular assignment, i. e. making Skärholmen less untidy or making sure that more youths read the summer brochure in Rinkeby-Kista. Since we worked with different districts, and divided the teams based on that factor, we made a presentation schedule where every team from each district pitched for each other.

Note: Not everyone are accustomed to give instant feedback, especially to a group of teenagers. Make sure the representatives are prepared to give constructive and optimistic feedback to each team.

Make sure the venue can accommodate all the teams, including agency mentor, student coach, representatives from the city council and the operative team behind the project. We chose to once again use Berghs as the venue. Everyone been there before and they had everything we needed - an aula with a projector and microphones.

Each team member received a diploma after their presentation. It might only be a piece of paper, but it put a proud smile on many of the participants faces. In some case the agency mentor handed them out when they got back to the office, where they had a more formal ceremony.

Note: Don’t forget to document the presentations. You can record and/or photograph, which will be invaluable materials for when you start to evaluate the project.